The radiometric cameras deployed comprise the best technologies for temperature measurement, ranging from -10° C to 110° C, with an error which is less than 5%, without any direct contact. This technology can be used to monitor the temperature of substations, waste disposal centres and other expensive and delicate machinery.

The cameras are installed on the already existent illumination poles; the positioning and choice of the items is carefully curated to have best visual on the site, taking also into consideration the presence of working vehicles. All the cameras used rely on the IP 67 asset and on the IP ONVIF compliant technology, to ensure the possibility of outdoor installation and the compatibility with systems over IP.


The system provides a constant monitoring for the temperature of the amassed materials in the controlled areas; it also uploads the recorded images on a central server which elaborates them through a Video Management software (Tornado). This way, the operators will have the possibility to examine the images from both cameras at the same time. In case of abnormal overheating, exceeding the danger levels (Set Point) previously programmed, the system sends an alarm notification (Popup, Sound Alert, Email, etc.).

The proposed solution offers an innovative take on the risk-prevention issue: differently from before, the system would be able to react autonomously to an event. The notifications are managed autonomously by the Video Management software, which prompts local actions while allowing interactions by remote. The modular architecture of the system allows for the extension at any following moment.

The interface of the Video Management software (Tornado) is particularly user-friendly; it is possible to record the images sent by the cameras and program events and system reactions. The system also allows to move to more complex architectures (like the multi-client) and to add more viewpoints to the monitoring network.