Ecology Sector

Safety, Health, Environment

The Ecological Island

Being sites equipped for the correct disposal and/or recover of many materials, Ecological Islands can change completely the approach the community has toward its wastes, turning them in an economic, social and environmental resource. The Ecological Islands help to rationalize waste disposal – while their absence often leads people to leave appliances, tires and other bulky materials by the side of the street. They may also facilitate the recover and recycle of wastes. A better waste disposal system helps protect the environment and its quality, with positive effects on citizens health and following savings for the national healthcare system.

The management and recycle of urban and industrial wastes come with a number of technical necessities that our systems can address. In specific, we have developed solutions for:

Alongside TVcc and access control projects dedicated to the needs of Ecological Islands, we can provide system for the management of the autonomous waste disposal by citizens and companies. We have also developed projects for the protection of special wastes disposal areas. All these solutions can be managed by remote by the competent head office.


Fire Prevention System for composting areas, warehousing, waste selection.
Our solutions, combining thermal scanners and video analysis software, can operate in situations where traditional technologies cannot. Our solutions are tailor-made to fit the site configuration and fine-tuned beforehand to grant the best operativity of the system. The project certifies the real control areas and control functions, so that our clients will not have any surprise.
Our technical team keeps monitoring the good functioning of the video analysis software and the servers hosting them and receives day by day reports on their state. Our systems allow for remote monitoring through Smartphone or Tablet (both iOS and Android supported). Furthermore, it is possible to have up to 5 client access to monitor it.

Access control for the processing area.

Taking into consideration the notable flux of working vehicles, workers and external associates that ecology sites may experience, a system to manage and keep track of access, both pedestrian and by vehicle, is fundamental for a company in this sector.

A building automation solution can make internal procedures much faster, like weighing vehicles (both entering and exiting) or managing the spare parts warehouses. The optimization of the management of the building can even reduce wastes of energy and fuel, with considerable savings.


Fuel supply management (methane and diesel oil)
We have developed an integrated system, comprising of software and hardware, to monitor and authorize by remote the fuel supply of working vehicles. The software also offers the possibility to be connected to the SAP management software of the company to provide real time data to cost centres and administrative offices. This way tasks like tax declarations, supply stations monitoring and vehicle maintenance result optimized.
The element that makes our proposal so different from other solutions on the market is the exceptional level of personalization possible, as well as the possibility to set just one operative procedure to be used both for diesel oil tanks and methane stations. This way, the operations that employees have to carry out are made much simpler: it is only necessary to provide each vehicle with a RFD TAG, while the employee will be identified by the badge he or she already has to mark his or her presence at work.
By default, our systems are compatible with fuel supply systems produced by 4 major players (Graff, Wayne, Safe, Elettrogas), but it is possible to adapt our solutions to any supply system used in your company.


Systems (software, hardware or both) to count people present in specific areas to monitor evacuation procedures during emergencies.


Thermal scanners for Covid prevention and development of complementary protocols dedicated to Covid prevention and risk assessment.

With the diffusion of the Covid pandemics urged, we decided to deploy our know-how in the field of thermal scanners and access control system to select a line of products particularly fitting to manage these necessities.
Alongside the products, we can also provide a full project to help your company manage the entry and exit of personnel in accordance with health regulations and health protocols applicable.