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The Easiest Solution for the Accommodation Structure

The Hotel System was born as a natural evolution to our proposal for Building Automation: it integrates high technology items, developed specifically to provide comfort, security and efficacy in the hospitality sector.

Access Control

Protection from Trespass




Best Comfort, Security and Control

The system relies on the LonWorks® technology, which allows to assimilate multiple functions like:

  • Room State
  • Area Supervision
  • Room automation
  • Access to public areas
  • Energy management
  • Lighting control
  • Air conditioning
  • Badge management

Clear and easy to use for the guest too, as he can access any area in the hotel and any service offered simply through the same badge.


The Hotel System can provide Building Automation features, aimed to enhance energy saving

With our Hotel System, when the guest is not in climatization (either warm or cold) works on energy save: the temperature is maintained as set and the electric system is deactivated.

When the guest is in, the electric system is once again activated and it is possible to regulate the temperature of the room, within the set-up provided by the hotel manager. Furthermore, the system deactivates climatization when a window in the room is open.


A complete overview on all the items

Using a simple PC, the management software allows to have an overview concerning taken and free rooms, rooms that requested not to be disturbed and rooms already tidied up.

The management software also allows to change the temperature set-up for rooms and to assign badges to guests. The history will keep track of access to different areas by guests and employees, providing useful statistics on the efficiency of the staff itself.