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In the field of video control, for more than ten years Progettitalia availed of the professionality of the Bettini Group and of its product GAMS, brand synonym for advanced recording and monitoring solutions for TVcc systems, representing the design and production department of the Company. The brand is well known for the ever-evolving technologies and for the signature know-how. All products GAMS are Made in Italy, designed and produced in the company headquarter, to underline the great Italian tradition and the great attention that the TVcc sectors has always enjoyed. The Italian production is also a further guarantee of their conformity to the European and Italian Privacy and data treatment regulations.

Megapixel Cameras

High-definition video surveillance

Nowadays, IP cameras can show images with a resolution up to 30 Megapixel, while analogic cameras can provide a resolution up to 8 Megapixels. Yet, if it is not required by particular situations or exceptional needs for detail, cameras with a resolution from 2.0 to 4.0 Megapixels are deployed – mainly for connection and storage reasons.

Thermal Cameras

From body temperature perception to fire prevention, to video surveillance.

The everlasting research on the international market pushed our company to also propose cameras capable of thermographic vision. Their use alongside video analysis software allows levels of efficacy far superior then a conventional system, in complete lack of light too.

Video Analysis Systems

Our partner company, Bettini, is proud of a decade-long experience in the advanced video analysis sector. This service is more and more important in the TVcc field for the performances that this technology provides. For example, it highlights the area where the event takes place, it allows to freely define areas of interest and it may manage different criteria for the analysis at the same time, such as: Differentiating between people, vehicle and boats, Identifying movement direction, Identifying crowds, Identifying suspect behaviours (loitering), Detecting trespass in forbidden areas, Detecting fence attacks, Identifying abandoned or removed objects, Detecting sabotages, Counting peoples, etc...

Licence Plate Reading System

The experience developed in the field of territory control and traffic control allowed us to provide cameras designed to read licence plates, even at high speed and in complete darkness. The system also comprises an OCR software to manage the database.

Traffic Control

The Automatic Incident Detection system (AID) provides a comprehensive solution to monitor the vehicular circulation through video analysis systems. It is possible to identify in real time multiple different events, such as stationary vehicle, vehicle against the flow, slow vehicle, busy road, pedestrian on the road, object on the road, smoke; it is also possible to count and classify vehicles passing. Usually, these systems are installed on highways, streets and galleries, where this technology allows to increase significantly security and efficacy of rescues.


The hardware proposal is completed by software solutions


The Central Management Software (CMS) allows the centralization of any TVcc system using product GAMS – relying on any technology, IP, AHD or PAL – with full retro compatibility. As the software develops on a multi-level, multi-account architecture, it is always possible to expand the system adding multiple connections and extra items; furthermore, it is possible to provide a wide range of specialised functions, a legacy of the 20-years’ experience and of the continue feedback of our clients.

Diagnostics by remot

Developed for DVR and NVR GAMS systems, it allows to monitor the state of the items by remote through a LAN connection. The interface is simple, complete and intuitive, and provides information on the working status of the items and cameras connected, to ensure the maximum efficiency and functionality of the system.

Gams App Mobile

The new generation App for GAMS items, GMax, provides functions like live stream, stream, snapshot and management of the input/output of the items. GMax can be downloaded for free from the respective Stores.

GAMS App GNotify

Developed for mobile devices and available for IOs and Android. The App provides push notifications for alarms (e.g. Contact alarm, Motion detection, etc…) or diagnostic issues (lost video, stopped fan, HD malfunctioning, high temperature, etc…) detected by the DVR/NVR items. This way, the client receives the notification simply and directly on his or her device, without need for content download.

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